Beyond Start-up: Founder Series 001

Founders Series Part One: This is the story of how RecruitSumo came to be and Ian Barnor’s vision for the company...

Beyond Start-up: Founder Series 001

Some people go through life wandering and perhaps failing to find what they are great at. Whilst some people allow fear to control them, most of us will find ourselves in a combination of success, fear, triumph, and failure. Then there's Ian Barnor.

Not moving forward is not good enough!

Ian is the founder, CEO and one of the many faces behind RecruitSumo Inc, the latest and most innovative software in Tech Hiring. This is the story of how RecruitSumo came to be and Ian’s vision for the company.


The Brave Soul

First, we must begin by getting to know the brave soul behind this major undertaking. From day one, it was quite obvious he has the energy and motivation of a professional athlete. He is a motivational speaker and believes you have to move through the fear factor otherwise your emotions will rule you.


Facing Your Fears

Aside from the huge undertaking that is RecruitSumo, he is used to tackling things head on. Despite his fear of heights, one of his proudest accomplishments is skydiving.

Inspire; Mentor and Motivate

Ian delivers talks at schools and colleges, openly speaking about his journey. From his own life experiences he inspires, mentors and motivates the youth of today.

Dreams Become Reality

Pursuing the dream of RecruitSumo didn’t come overnight. For years, like many others he worked in the corporate world for the likes of Oracle, AIG and the BBC. Ian knew it wasn't for him.

Its the story we’re all familiar with; the work ethic that can use some improvement; doing the mundane 9 to 5 and taking four weeks vacation. Working for someone else was not the way he wanted to spend his career.

ISL Consultancy

He began ISL Consultancy- his own IT contracting business and when the time seemed financially right, in 2015, made the tough decision to quit his day job and dedicate himself full time to RecruitSumo.


For part two of Beyond Start-up, the founder series and an inside track keep reading.

RecruitSumo Inc

RecruitSumo Inc, sharing our passion for machine learning and artificial intelligence. We specialize in predictive analytics for human capital adding value by helping build the right organization, culture, team, and talent to succeed.

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