Beyond Start-up: Founder Series 002

Founders Series Part Two: The 'Costa Rican Connection'. If Ian Barnor had his own FAQs - Why Costa Rica would be in the top 5. Read more to find out why...

Beyond Start-up: Founder Series 002

Last year, I began a series of posts: 'Beyond Start-up Founder Series' about our founder Ian Barnor. Today we'll delve into the 'Costa Rican Connection'.

As a project manager, Ian built technical teams around the world. Time and time again, he came across the same issue; finding the right IT professional with the appropriate skills for the project.


Pace Of Technology

Technology moves very quickly, and in itself, can create shortfalls when finding the latest skills required for cutting-edge implementation. RecruitSumo aims to solve this problem. We use machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence to create a game changer.

Taking this concept further, RecruitSumo plans to use this combination to analyze soft skills so there’s a better chance at employing IT professionals, which best reflect the ideals of each company.

Undertaking 5, 6 or 7 interview rounds

Interview Rounds

It's a known fact that technical people face multiple interview rounds. In some instances, it's not unusual to undertake five, six or even seven rounds of interviews which if unsuccessful, usually results in little to no feedback.

On many occasions, it's easier to train a newbie, but this comes with a time and financial impact. Therefore, enabling hiring companies to match beyond just a keyword search, meant there was a better way.

The Application

The plan was very clear. It was time to execute and build the application. Engaging in conversation with a software engineer who gave him a "take it or leave it" ultimatum, he left it and knew it was time to learn software programming himself.

Shadowing a tech start-up CEO in Costa Rica

The Network

Using his network, he reached out to the CEO of a three-year-old start-up, flew 5,500 miles around the globe and shadowed him for six months. During this time, he learned software programming.


Less than 12 months on, it became apparent that gaining first-hand experience was one of his smartest moves, as he secured a place at Boomtown Tech Accelerator, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Costa Rica

At the time, he appreciated that whilst it would have been convenient to stay in London, he wouldn't have accomplished as much. The Costa Rican connection had been made and the beginnings of Team RecruitSumo were born. Stay tuned for more Beyond Start-up the founder series.

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