The entrepreneur who started a business. If multiple entrepreneurs were involved in the creation of the company, they are referred to as the founders. The origin of the word is that a founder originally meant a person who forges steel; similarly, the founder of a company is forging the new entity.

The Do I, Don't I, SXSW Question

I make business decisions daily, but that doesn't mean it gets any easier. On this occasion, I reached out to my mentors... Read more

Beyond Start-up: Founder Series What's Your Why

You'll hear me make three clear points when I speak at schools and colleges. 1. Do something you love and love what you do. 2. Perfect your art and be the best at it. 3. When 1 and 2 are on point, money will flow towards you...

Beyond Start-up: Coffee and Computer Code

If you sweat the small stuff, bigger things are around the corner. As part of my founders series podcast, I have spoken to many founders around the world. The most successful ones, are those who have an eye for detail. Read more...
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