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Two Things We've Learned From Interviews

Having received no response, I am left with no idea why I was a poor fit for both positions, but considered a potential candidate for the second, after not being suitable for the first. With no response, I am unable to work on this and become a better candidate in the future.

The Do I, Don't I, SXSW Question

I make business decisions daily, but that doesn't mean it gets any easier. On this occasion, I reached out to my mentors... Read more

Beyond Start-up: Founder Series What's Your Why

You'll hear me make three clear points when I speak at schools and colleges. 1. Do something you love and love what you do. 2. Perfect your art and be the best at it. 3. When 1 and 2 are on point, money will flow towards you...

Early Adopter Program

An early adopter is one of a group of people who are the first to embrace a new technology ahead of the general population.

UX Straight Outta Colombia

Andres remit includes developing his programming skills in Python, JavaScript and Node.js and brings an interesting mix between design and coding...
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