UX Straight Outta Colombia

Andres remit includes developing his programming skills in Python, JavaScript and Node.js and brings an interesting mix between design and coding...

UX Straight Outta Colombia

Andres is the newest member of RecruitSumo! He comes to us from a background in environmental science and one of those rarest breeds: a ‘self-taught software engineer’. This developer is straight out of Colombia.


His coding attributes include, building three web applications as well as software programming for friends and family.

His RecruitSumo! remit include developing his programming skills in Python, JavaScript and Node.js, bringing an interesting mix of design and coding.

With a personal growth plan which includes: Gulp, Bower, NPM, Browserify and Webpack, Andres work is cut out. His first objective is building the technology stack behind the candidate platform. When asked why he wanted to join the team, Andres commented:

“This was a great opportunity for a few reasons. I love to design, to create, and RecruitSumo! allows me to contribute to the project whilst working remotely."

He went on to say: "The founders have such good energy. I instantly knew I’d enjoy working with them. Finally this experience enables me to improve my language skills." However it doesn’t stop there, Andres isn’t just a self-taught developer, he’s also a budding astronomer.

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