Why RecruitSumo

Can an email really be responsive?
Software Analytics. Social Analytics. Advance Analytics.
Our first product is a Candidate-Centric Platform (CCP) that analyzes software computer code, for mobile, desktop and tablet.
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What's Your Software Footprint?
We ask three things: 1. Submit sample clean code 2. Explain why you've used this sample 3. Add social media accounts. This uncovers a whole host of interesting anecdotes.
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Mobile opens are on the rise
How does it work?
Individuals supply sample clean code plus social media accounts and that's it, we do the analysis, the reporting and you can concentrate on being the best version of yourself.
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Software Analytics
Software analytics describes, monitors and predicts the efficiency of software engineering throughout the software lifecycle.
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Social Analytics
Social analytics describes, data from stakeholder conversations on digital media and processing into structured insights.
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Software Engineers
They don’t all work the same, some are better than others.
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Software Engineering
So you're a software genius eh. Show me the magic and let's see.
Advance Analytics
RecruitSumo CCP
Is RecruitSumo CCP For Me?
Talent Acquisition, Human Resources and Tech Recruitment benefit the most.
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